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Four Eyes

225 € SRP incl. VAT

This versatile fuzz box feeds the signal to a filter which splits it into 3 bands. each band has its own drive control. A Freq control sets the frequency at which the split occurs. The resonance of the filter can be modified with a 4 position switch.
Controls: Lo, mid, hi, volume freq, switch resonance (4 positions).

95 € SRP incl. VAT

Passive feedback loop allowing also to shoot the output back to the input. The amount fed back is controlled by the one and only knob. The result can be aggressive, difficult to control and frankly, unpleasant. Perfect for the experimentalist in all of us.
Controls: Volume.
Randy's Revenge
Ring Modulator

300 € SRP incl. VAT

Ring modulator pedal with oscillator frequency control, selectable hi or low frequency range, selectable square or sine waveform, variable frequency low pass filter and Mix control to adjust wet/dry balance. A CV input/output allow for CV controllers to control most of its parameters or use its oscillator as a VCO controller.
Controls: Volume, mix, LPF, freq, switch sq/si, switch hi/lo.
The Accountant

150 € SRP incl. VAT

All original compressor designed with utility in mind, inspired by classic JFET feedback compressors of another era, it is for discerning musicians looking to gain control of their dynamics, with style. Don’t let its small footprint and simple controls fool you. This pedal has a wide array of applications, from pedal boards to studios, from barely noticeable to coloured and dirty compression. Continuous control of output level (VOL) with plenty of volume on tap. Three position input pad (PAD) switch controls compression threshold. Three position ratio (RATIO) switch controls amount of compression. True bypass.
Controls: Vol, switch ratio (0/1/2), switch pad (0/1/2).
The Barbershop

175 € SRP incl. VAT

The Barbershop is an original design, not a clone. It is Raw, gritty, warm, smooth, open and transparent and it'll sound great with any setup. It'll truly shine when used to dirty up a tube amp. The SAG setting allows to either add more dynamics or make the overdrive dirty as if the 9V battery was dying...
Controls: Drive, sag, volume.
The Unpleasant Surprise

175 € SRP incl. VAT

This enormous fuzz pedal also offers a gate, for even more extreme fuzz sounds. 3 switches can be turned on or off to add any of Treble Cut, Gain or Compression for ultimate saturation.
Controls: Volume, onset, switch Treble (on/off), switch Gain (on/off), switch Compression (on/off).

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