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Chroma Stereo Chorus

249 € SRP incl. VAT

Stereo reverb, also works in mono, the Width knob adjusts the pitch transposition while Δ is configured online via the free software from Neunaber.
Controls: Mix, width, Δ.
Echelon Mono Echo

195 € SRP incl. VAT

Mono delay with 1000ms delay time featuring bypass and tap tempo that combine seamlessly on a single footswitch, maintaining a compact form-factor. Cross-fading Time Change™ allows tempo changes in real-time without audio artifacts (no muting, zipper noise or pitch change). The Mix knob adjusts from 0% to 100% wet. The dry signal is 100% analog for low noise and zero latency.
Controls: Mix, repeats, time.
Echelon Stereo Echo

249 € SRP incl. VAT

1000ms stereo delay pedal which doesn't mute or pitch change while adjusting delay time, its repeats become diffuse and complex with time. The Δ setting controls the number of repeats. A special external controller allows tap tempo.
Controls: Mix, time, Δ.
Seraphim Mono Shimmer

195 € SRP incl. VAT

The Seraphim Mono Shimmer combines the Wet Reverb with our celebrated shimmer effect and you can switch on-the-fly between these with a long-press of the footswitch. The footswitch can also set the bypass type between buffer or trails. The Mix knob adjusts from 0% to 100% wet. The dry signal is 100% for low noise and zero latency.
Controls: Mix, depth, shim.

249 € SRP incl. VAT

Slate is a reprogrammable, rewritable stereo effect pedal. Like all stereo pedals from Neunaber Technology, it can be programmed as any effect in Pedal Customizer software: Wet Reverb, Chroma Chorus, Echelon Echo, Wet Shimmer, Infinity Hold. It features a top surface that can be written with the included silver metallic marker, then erased with common 91% isopropyl alcohol. Stereo or mono input and output, expression inputs for both right and left knobs (1/4"-to-3.5mm adapter sold separately), buffered bypass, very high input impedance, analog dry signal for low noise and zero latency, made in USA, USB cable and silver metallic Sharpie included.
Controls: 1, 2, 3.
Wet Mono Reverb V4

195 € SRP incl. VAT

Simple yet surprisingly versatile, the Wet Mono Reverb has been described as "organic", "haunting", and a "choir of angels"-seriously, we can't make this stuff up. It now has a Tone control and soft switch that also allows to select between buffer, trails or two-stage bypass: trails while switch down, switches to normal on release. The Mix knob adjusts from 0% to 100% wet. The dry signal is 100% analog for low noise and zero latency.
Controls: Mix, tone, depth.
Wet Stereo Reverb

249 € SRP incl. VAT

Reverb stÚreo, qui marche aussi en mono, the Δ knob is a Tone control. 2 expression pedal inputs control the Mix and Depth. A free software allows to modify some features.
Controls: Mix, Depth, Δ.
μ Tap Tempo

49 € SRP incl. VAT

The ÁTap is a micro-size tap tempo pedal designed exclusively for the Echelon Stereo Echo pedal's Time knob's expression input. It contains a tiny processor that converts tempo into a calibrated control voltage for the Echelon's expression input. It will even work with other Neunaber Stereo Pedals that are loaded with the Echelon program (using Pedal Customizer). Tempo subdivisions are set easily and intuitively, simply tap the tempo and turn the Time knob to you desired subdivision. The markings around the knob indicate the fraction of the time between taps. It doesn't requires any power supply as it is powered by the pedal. Cable included, made in USA.
Expression Input Adapter

7 € SRP incl. VAT

Custom-made adapter cable to work with any Neunaber stereo pedals, allowing you to attach an expression pedal with a 1/4" female TRS jack plug. It has a slender right-angle 3.5mm male TRS plug, so you can plug two cables side-by-side. It is 8 inch long and made with heavy-duty shielded cable.
Pedal Customizer

Suggested retail price not available

With the free Pedal Customizer software, you can transform any stereo pedal from Neunaber Technology into ANY of the available pedals and more, as often as you like. For example, you can add modulation controls to the Wet Reverb, assign the pitch transposition of the Chroma Chorus to any knob of your choice, transform the Wet Reverb into a Shimmer reverb, or make the Echelon a golden-ratio echo. The library will continue to include new effect programs over time. To use the software on your pedal: plug in your stereo pedal with the included USB cable, launch Pedal Customizer software, select the effect from the list and click the Update button, now your pedal is a new effect! Software, effects/features list and explanations are available on

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